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AIDT is seeking qualified applicants to participate in a pre-employment training program for Production Operators at a company to be located in Woodstock, Alabama. MollerTech is a 285-year-old family-owned German company that will manufacture interior parts for next generation Mercedes-Benz.

Production Operators

Pay Rate: $12.00 per hour

Job Responsibilities:

Production Operators will perform daily activities with injection molding and lamination equipment as per standardized work instructions. Production Operators will be required to assemble product with a focus on quality and safety; inspect product for defects and take appropriate action; perform measurements, weight checks, etc.; accurately pack product as per specifications. Operators will also be required to participate in daily production meetings and communicate to Management in order to make improvements and prevent issues.


Remove/load parts during various stages of the process; stack product boxes on the appropriate pallet and ensure product is not mixed; complete documents required to report production information, scrap, etc., and highlight any problems to the Shift Leader; work multiple cells, if required; assist Shift Leader in maintaining quality of product; attend training courses to further job knowledge, improve performance/quality; ensure all Health and Safety requirements of the company are met within the department at all times; and keep the work area clean and tidy at all times.

Competencies (Skills):

Basic reading, writing and math skills; ability to read and follow standardized work instructions; clearly communicate thoughts and ideas; understand and execute direction from supervision.

Qualifications/Working Conditions:

High school diploma or equivalent; climate controlled environment; work will be around injection molding or lamination machines producing plastic interior parts; motorized material movement vehicle traffic on the shop floor; ability to work overtime and weekends per customer requirements, as determined by Management.

To Apply:

Interested candidates are invited to apply online by clicking the "Apply" button below.

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Equal Opportunity Employer

Should you have special needs that require reasonable accommodations, please notify AIDT at 334-280-4400 so proper arrangements can be made. For Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) users, our number is 334-280-4475.